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The Sparkle generators:

Auroville Dental Centre Education Research Rural Action (ADCERRA) is a not-for-profit organisation that provides innovative Concept 0-based rural dentalcare in Auroville, India. ADCERRA's model was creatively adapted from the original model developed in 1980s at Intercountry Centre for Oral Health (ICOH) - WHO Collaborating Centre for Promoting Community-based Oral Health Models
across SEAR (South-East Asia) countries at Chiang Mai, Thailand

Aravind Eye Care System (AECS) is WHO Collaborating Center For Prevention of Blindness and the world's largest eye care service provider (300,000 surgeries per year).
The Aravind Model has been transferred across 270 eye hospitals worldwide.

Ninād is Knowledge Partner to ADCERRA.
Ninād researches in the domain of ‘Preferred Futures’ with organisations such as UNESCO, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (Govt. of India), Aravind Eye Care System,
Ecole Française d'Extrême Orient (Govt. of France).

Auroville is an international township supported by a special act of the Indian Parliament and UNESCO.

click to view photogallery:
presenting 'Sparkle' to the team of Eye Care surgeons at Aravind Eye Hospital
(Chiang Mai, Thailand)
@ Auroville Dental Centre
and Aravind Eye Hospital
(Pondicherry, India)
@ Aikiyam school
(Auroville, India)
- ideation, research and
development of 'Sparkle'
@ Aravind Eye Hospital
(Pondicherry, India)
- Ergonomy for Ophthalmology
@ Aravind Eye Hospital
(Pondicherry, India)
- Dr.Venkatesh presents 'Sparkle'
@ Auroville schools
with board members from
The Lavelle Fund For The Blind, New York